Trauma & Bio Hazard Cleaning 


If your property, or one belonging a relative or loved one, has been involved in a crime, trauma incident, accident or unattended death the physical task of cleaning up after the incident can be an extremely distressing and potentially dangerous task.

The blood-borne pathogens and bio-hazards from residual bodily fluids, commonly found at trauma scenes, present a risk of contamination to individuals and property and can cause serious diseases.  Alongside conventional cleaning we use industry recognised procedures and equipment, including fogging with biocides, to ensure affected areas are cleaned and decontaminated.

In some bio-hazard or trauma cases there may be a need for carpets, flooring or furniture to be removed, this potentially infectious waste will be safely disposed of using a registered hazardous waste contractor.

We offer a discrete and compassionate cleaning service in Preston and the surrounding areas for unattended deaths, crime scenes and incidents involving blood and bodily fluids.

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