Exterior Cleaning


If your guttering is overflowing or just needs a freshen up, we can clear the debris and use specialist UPVC cleaning solutions to leave gutters, fascias, soffits and downpipes looking their best.


Conservatory roofs can be accessed using a low-level platform to get to the hard to reach areas with specialist UPVC creams and solvents used to remove some of the toughest dirt and grime from window frames and ledges.

Jet washing

Our powerful jet washer and cleaning solutions can lift grease, grime, algae, and moss and can be used on almost any hard external surface:

✺  Paths, driveways and patios: concrete, stone, brick, crazy or block paving and slabs

✺ Decking: hardwood, softwood or water-resistant laminates and composites

✺ Fences: metal, wooden or plastic

✺ Garden furniture: plastic, wooden or metal

When cleaning block paving it is inevitable that some sand will be removed from the joints. It is important that this is replaced, as it could result in the blocks moving when cars are parked on the drive. The re-sanding of bock paving is something we can provide as part of the jet washing service.

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