Carpet Cleaning

The life and appearance of your carpets can be enhanced by having them cleaned by a professional. By using a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association  you can be assured that your carpets are being cleaned by a trained professional using the latest equipment, techniques and cleaning solutions. Like you, we want your carpets to look their best and be hygienically clean. To help achieve this we adopt the following approach to our carpet cleaning:


Prior to commencing work we conduct a full survey of the areas to be cleaned and record our observations. This includes carpet construction and type, how it is installed, wear, stains and the furniture to be moved etc.

Dry soil extraction

We thoroughly vacuum your carpets to remove any soil and dirt. This is a vital stage, as without it dirt can remain in the carpet and once cleaned using a carpet cleaning machine the dirt can ‘wick’ its way to the surface of the carpet.

Pre-spot and treatment

Any marks identified during the survey will be treated prior to the full clean.

Pre-spray and gentle agitation

A pre-treatment is applied to the carpet which aids the removal of soiling, pollen and dust mites from carpet fibres. Carpets are then gently massaged using a specialist machine to enhance the absorption process.

Dwell time

We need to let the solution do its job which depend on the level of soiling and can take between 10-15 minutes.


We use the latest Advanced High Powered Hot Water Extraction System that lifts out dirt whilst rinsing fibres clean leaving the whole carpet healthier and fresher. Any stains remaining after the extraction will be treated and the area thorough cleaned and rinsed again.


To enhance the freshness of your carpets, and return the PH levels to a neutral level, we apply a light misting of deodorising solution before starting the drying process.

Post groom

We reset the carpet fibres which not only enhance its appearance but can aid the drying time and avoid unwanted pattern marks in the carpet.

Air Drying & Inspection

To assist in the drying of your carpets we use industrial air movers to help reduce the drying time. We will invite you to walk round and inspect the carpet to ensure you are happy with the service provided.

Post-clean protection

To extend the look of your freshly cleaned carpet you may wish to take advantage of our Carpet Protection Service. We can apply a clear solution that helps protect against spills and stains. This can prevent dirt building up and make the carpet easier for you to clean and maintain.

Stain removal

If you have a stain, we can visit and assess the issue and use the range of treatments at our disposal to remove or reduce the stain.

Carpet odour control

As part of our routine carpet cleaning service we can sanitise and absorb unwanted odours left by pets, food residue, smoke etc and destroy the organisms responsible. Leaving your freshly cleaned carpets fragranced beautifully.

Carpet and textile pests


Moths and their larvae are commonly found in carpets and, if left untreated, can ruin carpets and textiles. We are trained and licensed to treat these, along with beetles, fleas and other carpet and textile pests using approved pesticides in accordance with the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (COPR).

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